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Harga Terbaru Nexian NX-G915

 Harga Terbaru Nexian NX-G915
Harga Terbaru Nexian NX-G915
Nexian and XL accompany calm with new music buzz Nexian NX-G915 and provides 600 songs after download every day with assessment Rp.1,200 (Rp.25 per song).
The buzz that amount about 699,000 Rupiah is additionally able with Nexian Music Card (NMC) Playe.
The bifold GSM additionally provides with Nexian Messenger and MP3 Player.
The key appearance and specs of Nexian NX-G915 are:
Dual GSM 900/1800MHz
MP3 Player
Nexian Music Card (NMC) Player
Nexian Messenger
Supports Chatting Applications
Flash Light
Support Java
FM Radio
Colour LCD
Trackpad Navigation
Support Facebook & Twitter
Voice Recorder
Support External Memory
Language : Indonesian – English
Harga Terbaru Nexian NX-G915
The amount of Nexian NX-G915 is about 699,000 Rupiah.

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