Kamis, 16 September 2010

K-Touch H711 Promo Price 499,000 Rupiah

K-Touch H771 And H800
K-Touch H711 Promo Price 499,000 Rupiah

K-Touch H711 is one of K-Touch lineup to address Ied Mubarok beside K-Touch H800.
K-Touch H711 is offered with special price which is only 499,000 Rupiah.
The dual on GSM single line also support microSD up to 4GB.
The following are the specifications of K-Touch H711:
MP3, Bluetooth, Slot MicroSD up to 4GB, Mandarin Language, Black List & Read List, Chatting (Yahoo, MSN) & Browsing, Direct Access to Facebook, MySpace and Google, FM Radio Recording without Earphone, Camera VGA, Video, Adzan remainder, Dual GSM On (Single Line), Display QCIF 2.2 inch, TFT 65K colors,

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